Make a bigger impact, in less time

Make informed decisions with algorithms that seek the well-being of the foot and boost your business.

a new standard
on gait analysis

We created a foot structure recognition system based on movement sciences and advanced algorithms.

Visualization and analytics tools

We develop tools so that you can analyze the footprint from different points of view and make decisions based on reliable data.

Unique biomechanical products auto-generated

Just on a couple of clicks, from the assessment you can automatically generate gait analysis reports or orthopedic insoles designed for especialy for each patient.

Process consistency
is critical

We develop algorithms that guide you step by step, in a simple way, ensuring the integrity of the acquired data.

Soleit Software

Innovation to solve more than one problem

Decrease the high prevalence

Of the musculoskeletal disorders, those of the ankle and foot are the main causes of disability, present in more than 20% of the population over 45 years of age.

Provide scientific criteria

The lack of massive assessment tools for biomechanical analysis has limited the study of large populations and scientific research.

Democratizing quality

The difficulty of finding qualified orthotists generates an offer of low effectiveness, lack of precision and a simplification of the unique biomechanics of each person.

Generate data

The lack of reliable data with comparable metrics between different population segments, allows patients truly understand their anomalies and take action on them.