Focus on your customers,
we do the rest

We integrated every step of the process in one platform to save you time and allow you to focus on your clients.

Reimagine the process

Our software simplifies the assessment, automates the analyses and design, and gives a higher quality of the solutions.

Pressure exerted by the foot when walking

1. Assessment

Our new software workflow optimizes the required time of measurement and reduces the human error.

foot analysis icon

2. Analysis

Our cloud based system recognizes and comprehends the biomechanics of each footprint. Also, it automatically generates a biomechanical report.

Pressure exerted by the foot when walking

3. Design

Our design system creates a unique 3D model based on a biomechanical profile for any footwear you want.

One platform

Our software integrates and coordinates different parties involved in the production system boosting the efficiency of the process.

Hardware integration

Plug in your hardware

Soleit is readily integrated with Tekscan foot scanning platforms and is flexible to use other brands in the future.

Efficient manufacturing

Outsource the 3D printing

Bespoke insoles can be 3D printed with precision, consistency, and cost-effectiveness by commercial 3D manufacturing services.

Shipping integration

Manage couriers online, anytime

We developed an integration with courier platforms.
Now, you can create and track your orders anytime.

Frequently asked questions

About Soleit Software

What is included in the SOLEIT software?
Soleit is a cloud-based software that we offer through subscription. To get a compatible flat-lens camera and pressure plate, you can purchase these items from our partners. Please contact our sales team to help you order here.
How much does the SOLEIT software cost?

We charge a per-use subscription fee each time the software is used to generate a digital product, which includes technical support services. Please contact our sales team for more information here.

How long will the Soleit subscription last?

Your subscription will be valid until you cancel it or after 3 months of inactivity.

How much does the camera and pressure plate cost?

The price depends on the flat lens camera, pressure platform model, and the provider you choose. Contact our team for information about our recommended partners.

What if I already have a pressure plate?

Please contact our support team here with your pressure plate specifications to ensure its compatibility with Soleit software.

Do I need the latest software update/version to generate 3D models insoles?
We update Soleit from time to time. Customers will get the latest update/version automatically. Our goal is to offer the best possible experience to our users.
SOLEIT provides technical support?
Yes, we are here to support you. Please contact us through our digital channels to resolve your issues.
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