Foot pain can radically change your quality of life.

< Founder’s wife

Carola suffered from foot pain.
She is the reason why Soleit exists.
The world needs better solutions.

our mission

Make custom shoe design simple and accessible to make all feet perform better!

our vision

That each shoe is specially designed for the uniqueness, comfort and well-being of each person.

Our Values

> Say it loud and clear !

At Soleit everyone gets to share their opinion. We are always happy to hear bright arguments.

> Act first, overanalyze later.

We chose quickness to standout against the competition.  We have faith in our instincts and courage to be the change we wish.

> Exchange ideas, grow with us.

We want you to grow and improve here. Give free roam to your ideas and be an active listener of your coworkers. Feedback is your brain’s best friend.

> BBQ with us !

We love to celebrate our achivements and our defeats with a BBQ. We also welcome our new colleagues with BBQ.

The Team

Santiago Brunet

CTO & Founder

Structural Engineer

Martín Irarrázaval

CEO & Founder


Sergi Prats

Lead Tech

Software Developer

Juan Lopez



Our main supporters

Healthcare innovation can be really tough. We will be always thankful to our supporters.