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Foot problem can impact the quality of life

Soleit exist because we have lived it!

Carola, the founder’s wife, suffered foot pain for years.
Soleit was created exactly because of that, to look for an effective solution.
We need better foot solutions. That’s why we’re Inspired.

Our Mision

Honor the singularity by making custom shoe design simple and affordable so that all feet perform better!

Our Vision

That each shoe is specially designed for the uniqueness, comfort and well-being of each person.

Board of Advisors

Brilliant minds that push us forward to innovation

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Eric Giza MD

Chief of Foot & Ankle, UC Davis Health, EE.UU.
Director Orthopaedic Surgery Foot & Ankle Fellowship, UC Davis.

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Markus Schreyer

CEO & Founder The Ganesha Lab,
Board member of Chile Global Angels,
Former VP South America at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Dr. Cristian Ortiz

Head of Foot & Ankle Surgery, Clínica Universidad de los Andes, Chile.
IFFAS President 2020-2023 (International Federation of Foot & Ankle Societies).

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Dr. Giovanni Carcuro

Foot & Ankle Orthopedic Surgeon, Clínica Universidad de los Andes, Chile.
Head of the specialization Ankle & Foot Surgery, Clínica Universidad de los Andes, Chile.

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Dr. Manuel Pellegrini

Foot & Ankle Orthopedic Surgeon, Clínica Universidad de los Andes, Chile.
Fellow Foot & Ankle Duke University, EE.UU

Meet the Soleit team

A select group of engineers, developers, researchers and customer experience experts committed to delivering the highest level of biomechanical technology.

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Santiago Brunet

Founder & CTO

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Juan López


Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Martín Irarrázaval

Founder & CEO

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Vanessa Urtubia

Customer Experience

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Sergi Prats

Tech Lead

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Oscar Uribe

Front End Developer

Retrato Martin Irarrazaval

Matias Zuñiga

Senior Engineer

Soleit DNA

If you want to be part of Soleit, check out our team principles.

Say it loud, grow with us!

We want you to grow and improve here. Unleash your ideas and be an active listener of your coworkers. Feedback is your brain’s best friend.

We are proactive!

We stand out from competition by our speed and flexibility to adapt changes for the benefits of our customers.

We are BBQ lovers!

We hang out with everyone in our team, and we care about quality of life at work.

From Chile to USA and beyond

After 5 years of development we have achieved several milestones in Chile that make us proud!

Insole delivered in Chile

Customer satisfaction


Replacement rate only

4 Patent pending
Our next milestone is to be in the US.

Our main supporters

Healthcare innovation can be really tough. We will be always thankful to our supporters. 

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