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The first automated biomechanical design software.
An easier, more accurate, faster process to generate motion analysis and personalized insole 3D model.

Easy workflow

Foot biomechanics, made simple

Our intuitive and efficient workflow will guide the evaluator step by step from maintaining data integrity to providing high quality customized solutions.

Precise measurement

A new standard in gait analysis

We developed the morphologic structure recognition system (patented) to identify key areas of the foot based on science and advanced algorithms.

Fast process

Save your time,

assess in 15 minutes

Soleit’s patented methodology saves you assessment time and enables high volume analysis with consistent quality insole solutions.

Modelo 3D plantillas
Scalable customization

Automated solutions with artificial intelligence

It takes just a few clicks to create gait analysis reports and bespoke 3D insole models that match your customers’ unique requests.

Steps of a simplified workflow

A new generation software for gait analysis and bespoke orthotic solutions based on artificial intelligence.

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1. Assessment

Optimized workflow
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2. Analysis

Cloud based process
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3. Design

Unique 3D model

Software as a Service

Gait analysis, custom insoles, easy repurchase and advanced analytical tools in one integrated platform.

Foot motion analyses

Send advanced analytics

by email

Customers will receive individualized gait analysis results by email automatically for every foot assessment performed.

Insoles 3D models

Unique 3D Model generation

We provide insole 3D models based on the biomechanical behaviour of each customer.

Simplifies reselling

Get recurring revenue

The software allows your patients to renew their insoles without the need to repeat the design workflow and enables unlimited re-order of previous purchases including minor modifications.
Analytics tool

Advance analytics dashboard

You can visualize and analyze the data acquired so you can make data driven decisions. Also, you can track your orders anytime.

Thoughts from the experts

Testimonies about Soleit and the impact it will have on footwear.

“Soleit is a super high-tech company!”

Stephan Hausmann

Director Product Engineering, Nike, USA.

“Considering all the three-dimensional aspects that the patient needs, Soleit is by far the best strategy”

Dr. Cristian Ortiz M.

Presidente IFFAS, Jefe Traumatología Tobillo y Pie, Clínica Universidad de los Andes, Chile.

“Soleit is an innovative product with enormous potential”

Dr. Eric Giza

Chief, Foot & Ankle Surgery, UC Davis Health, USA.

Our Partners

Innovating in the health is really difficult, so we are very grateful to those who have help us.

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